Master & Super Trainers / Assessorss

About Master Trainer/ Assessors

Master Trainers/ Assessors are professionals who are highly competent in teaching pedagogy and are responsible for training the trainers/ assessors.

  • Mr. Jaswinder Singh – Delhi
  • Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastav – Noida
  • Mr. Sridhar Chakrawarthy – Bangalore
  • Mr. RD Sharma – Delhi
  • Mr. MK Garg – Delhi
  • Mr. VB Gokhle – Pune
  • Mr. Chetan Apte – Pune
  • Md. Qutubuddin – Hyderabad

Super Trainer/ Assessors

  • Mr. Sridhar Chakrawarthy
  • Mr. Virappan
  • Md. Hasan Khan

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