Plumber Evaluation, Certification & Elevation Programe Recognition of Prior Learning

IPSC is playing an important role in vocational training of plumbers, providing recognition and certification to Plumbers in accordance to National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).To make skilled manpower available for the Plumbing Industry from the entry level upto level 10 i.e. Ph.D (Doctorate). Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC) with support from National Skills Development Corporations (NSDC) has taken up initiatives like Development of National standards of Plumbing Education, Curriculum and Certification,etc.

Developing Excellence in Plumbing Skills

  • IPSC initiates to certify existing plumbing work force to provide recognition to their skills in accordance to the defined skill level.
  • To promote academia of excellence in the Plumbing Industry.
  • To make the Plumbing workforce proficient.

Value Of Certification
In Global market, only certified skill work force will be hired for different jobs in any industry. This will help in greater recognition and better wages to the work force. The skill levels will almost be at par with the international standards and hence enrollment for overseas jobs will not be a big challenge.

Benefits of Certification

  1. Certification provides a recognized benchmark of skills that can be aligned to organizational skills frameworks.
  2. Certified people are more productive and work to consistent standards. A recent survey by Novell found that certification can reduce downtime, because skilled workers would have the adequate skills needed to cope with issues as they arise.
  3. Reliable project completion
  4. Certifications can be aligned to performance-related pay scales.
  5. Certification ensures that knowledge has been obtained.
  6. Greater customer satisfaction (internal and external customers).
  7. Automated enrollment on Govt. of India's Website of skill work force

Increased Competitiveness
Businesses must have up-to-date skills to remain competitive. Training , up skilling and certification ensures that you have the latest industry skills.

Higher Quality of work
Skilled workforce have all the tools to do their job ensuring quality of work is of the highest possible excellence.

Opportunity of Upskilling
Certification calculates the level of you skilling and also give the chance to move on the next level to upgrade your skills.

Risk Management & Safety

  • Skilled workforce creates a safe work environment and reduces the risk of physical accidents and other health hazards issues.
  • Learning to respect the co-workers.
  • Reduces need of Supervision
    Competent & skilled workforce requires less supervision while carrying out day to day works. This means management can get better results with minimal manpower.

    For Plumbers:-

    1. Recognition of skill as per NSDC norms.
    2. Wages as per Govt. Standards
    3. Ample Growth Prospects
    4. Employment opportunity (India & Abroad)
    5. Chance to accelerate their skill & knowledge to next level.

    Assessment & Certification Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    1. Duration – 24 Hours.
    2. Course Fee- INR 5000 per candidate.
    3. Time- Flexible
    4. Venue – Site /office
    5. Pre Assessment– 4 Hours
    6. Induction & Orientation – 4 Hours
    7. Class Room Trainings – 3 Hours
    8. Practical /On the Job Training - 3 Hours
    9. Group Discussion/Queries etc – 2 Hours
    10. Soft Skills Training for all round development of Candidate – 2 Hrs
    11. Assessment – 6 Hours including Practical Part including Tasks etc.