Indian Plumbing Skills Council Membership

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Indian Plumbing Skills Council's Membership enables organizations and associations to network efficiently within the industry and provides a unique opportunity for organizations and its professionals to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums and industry groups with a vision to Develop Excellence in Plumbing Skills. The members of the Indian Plumbing Skills Forum will be actively involved in addressing current challenges, sharing best practices and building strategies for the future with the overall objective of building a growth-led, competitive and a sustainable plumbing industry.


The main focus of the Indian Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC) is to facilitate an effective skilling eco-system in the Plumbing Industry. In order attain this goal, we require resources that are spread throughout India. The concept of IPSC Membership has been carefully thought after and its implementation focuses of connecting the industry together on a common platform. It has been formalised with the help of industry experts panning from all sub-sectors of the industry. This common platform will enable the council to deliver effectively and bridge the communication gap that lies in the eco-system through increased industry engagement. Members will be able to mutually benefit each other by sharing best practises and addressing current challenges.

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The benefits of the IPSC Membership include the following:

Government Connect

IPSC membership provides a platform for organisations related to the plumbing sector, to maintain a strong government connect. The events organised by IPSC witnesses the participation of key members of associations and government bodies along with industry premiers. India. IPSC works closely with State Governments, State Skill Development Missions, Public Departments and Associations and this relationship ensures that members of the IPSC have a voice in the government.

Networking within the Industry

IPSC membership provides an effective platform for organisations to network efficiently within and outside the industry through various events organised, such as Skill Seminars, Skill Exhibitions, Focussed Group Discussions, Industry Meet & Greet Events, Plumbing Skills Competitions etc, thus enabling member organisations to learn about latest trends and opportunities in different markets. These events also help members gain information about policy updates within the country and overseas and provides a platform to network for future growth.

Enhancing Visibility

Through IPSC membership, organisations are able to create myriad opportunities to enhance their visibility in the sector. This includes activities such as:

  • Listing on IPSC website as Industry Member
  • Tags on Social Media by IPSC
  • Interviews and Features on the IPSC News Letters

Certificate of Membership

The IPSC membership also includes a Certificate of Membership to enhance organizations' credibility in the market and gain consumer confidence, thus resulting in business growth.

Skill Workshops

IPSC is committed to the Skill India Mission, as envisioned by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. IPSC membership provides an effective platform for organisations to up-skill their existing workforce and also train the youth to become job ready. The training sessions and skilled workshops are designed for member organisations as per their specifications and to meet their product requirements. This enables the workforce to be competent with a specific product/brand/skill.

Invitations & Access to Events Organised by Council

Members will have access to various events organised by the IPSC such as Skill Competitions, Skill Workshops, Skill Seminars, Skill Conferences, Skill Exhibitions, Focussed Group Sessions, Industry Meet & Greet, plumbers Meet etc. This enables members to showcase their products and services and conduct live demonstrations to increase of their brand presence. IPSC will invite members to participate in such exclusive events that witnesses people from varying demographics and industry segments. Members can also collaborate with IPSC to create focussed events, workshops etc.

Demand Aggregation

IPSC, through its demand aggregation portal helps to bridge the gap between the demand and the supply of the skilled manpower. This enables member organisations to source their need for skilled manpower.

Access to Labour information through Labour Information Portal

IPSC Members gets access to a repository of information through the Labour Market Information Portal. This information portal also enables organisations to track the industry trends, growth opportunities and best practices. This also gives a chance for the member organisations to leverage the database by posting a trade lead, or participate in one.

Use of Industry Ready Resource

Organisations incur huge costs, time and efforts in sourcing, selecting, hiring and training resources for meeting the skilled manpower requirements. IPSC addresses this concern and enables member organisations to reduce their in-house training costs by making use of the industry ready resource available through IPSC in an efficient manner.

Quick response to RPL activities

Through the membership of IPSC, organisations can expect quicker response to activities such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for their existing workforce. Preference (in time and costing) is given to members of IPSC over non-members for conducting these activities.

Reducing Skill Gap Shortage

A domain of improvement in every organisation revolves around up-skilling and training their existing workforce to incorporate latest technologies, new products and best practices. The market is witnessing a paradigm shift and is becoming more and more consumer centric. This disruptive change taking place over the last decade, urges organisations to be dynamic and evolve their ways of doing business as well. IPSC membership enables these organisations to reduce the skill gap shortage and use their resources to the maximum capabilities.

Platform for Promoting Effective CSR

IPS provides its members, a great platform for promoting effective CSR. According to National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015, Clause 6.13, Corporates and PSUs will be encouraged to spend at least 25% of their CSR funds on skill development activities directly or indirectly through the National Skill Development Fund (NSDF). Further, industries are being advised to earmark at least 2% of their payroll bill (including for contract labour) for skill development initiatives in their respective sectors. These funds can be channelized for skill development activities through Sector Skill Councils.