IPSC'S Commitment To The Industry

The IPSC will be responsible for charting and meeting the human resource requirement of the entire value chain of the Plumbing/Plumbing related sector. Its task will be to ensure that the human resource pool size as well as quality is appropriate and sufficient for the growing & evolving demands of the Industry. The IPSC, to ensure this, will primarily do the following tasks:

  1. Collate and disseminate labour market information
  2. Research and aggregate skill requirements of the Industry
  3. Create skill database
  4. Identify changing technologies in the sector and collate technology specific skills
  5. Regulate the skill development activities
  6. Build Capacity for training delivery
  7. Provide quality assurance via accreditation & certifications
  8. Develop Centre of Excellence

The IPSC will thus function as the apex body on skill development for the industry sector as well as coordinate the efforts of various agencies in the area of skill development.

IPSC: Mandate for next 10 years

  1. Manpower to be certified in 10 years              -1.2 Million
  2. Number of trainers to be trained                      - 11,000
  3. Number of Training Institutes to be certified   -220
  4. Number of trades for which skill

Development has to be carried out                                 - 50