Industry Profile

Plumbing Sector – Overview

  • Size of plumbing industry – 7.5% to 15% the size of construction industry  [Size of construction industry – Rs 330,000 Crore in 2010-11]
  • Manpower requirement – 2.5% of manpower in construction industry [Currently, 33 million people employed in construction industry]
  • More than 70% of the plumbers come from Orissa (Kendrapada District)
  • Organized workforce to Unorganized workforce = 10:90
  • Most of the skill learning in the industry happens through unstructured, on-the job training (OJT)

Plumbing Industry consists of three main segments:

  1. Plumbers and Contractors in the Construction Industry
  2. Plumbing Consultants
  3. Manufacturers of Plumbing related products

Key Core Activities in the Plumbing Industry

  • Water Supply
  • Sanitation and Drainage
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Storage both at Industrial level and domestic level
  • Fire and Safety
  • Gas and Pipeline
  • Urban Irrigation
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Plumbing Sector - Market Size and Employment